Etiologies of proptosis: a review

Nicole J. Topilow, Ann Q. Tran, Eubee B. Koo, Chirsfouad R. Alabiad


Proptosis, the protrusion of the eyeball from the orbit, results from a wide variety of pathologies that can be vision- or life-threatening. Clinical history, associated physical exam findings, and imaging features are all crucial in establishing the underlying etiology. The differential diagnosis is broad, and includes infectious, inflammatory, vascular, and neoplastic entities that range from benign and indolent, to malignant and aggressive. While treatment varies significantly based on the disease process, all are aimed at preserving vision, salvaging the globe, preventing disfigurement, and reducing mortality. Both internists and general ophthalmologists should be familiar with the causes of proptosis in order to initiate the work-up for, and appropriately triage, affected patients.


proptosis, orbital tumors, orbital inflammation, orbital infection, orbital vascular anomalies

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