B12 Hypervitaminemia : a clinical update.

Abrar-Ahmad ZULFIQAR, Emmanuelle ANDRES


High serum levels of vitamin B12 or cobalamin, also called B12 hypervitaminemia, is a significantly underestimated biological abnormality. According to the literature, some conditions include solid neoplasia (whether metastatic or otherwise) and, either acute or chronic, malignant haematological disorders are responsible to the appearance of B12 hypervitaminemia. Other causes include: mainly liver disorders and monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and renal failure; more rarely, excess vitamin B12 intake, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, and transient haematological abnormalities (secondary neutrophilia or eosinophilia). Paradoxically, functional deficits including cobalamin deficiency are often associated with B12 hypervitaminemia. We establish a focus on causes for a hypervitaminemia B12, according to the literature, including our work.


Cobalamin; B12 hypervitaminemia ; Transcobalamin ; Neoplasia; Liver disorders

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18103/imr.v4i6.734


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