Recent Advances in Non-invasive Processing Schemes on Electrocardiogram (ECG): a Review

Xin Gao


Non-invasive processing schemes on electrocardiogram (ECG) especially fetal ECG, represent technical advantages such as cohesive monitoring, explicit signaling and imaging, free of uterus infection comparing to traditional invasive methods. We concisely summarize the recent progress of methods in non-invasive detection and compression on ECG, then categorize the crucial sample datasets and major types of experimental design in the review sections. Algorithms and implementation of test platform on compression of ECG data and fetal health monitoring in practical systems design are simultaneously studied therein. Our study specifies that recent advances in this area lie in sparse representation, variable filtering techniques, multi-resolution feature extraction and a few other joint schemes. We also sketch a framework of portable system design on fetal ECG monitoring with specific choice on the elements of hardware configuration in the discussion section.


Non-invasive processing; detection; compression; electrocardiogram (ECG)

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