Teleneurology – broadening the horizon of neurological care across the globe

Shilpi Mittal, Raghu P Upender, Patricia Commiskey, Kenneth J Gaines


Telemedicine has helped significantly in improving care for the underserved areas in the United States and the other parts of the world. Teleneurology, a subdivision of telemedicine, is filling up this gap for the neurological care in the regions with limited resources. Time is crucial for the outcomes in the neurological conditions. Teleneurology is breaking this time sensitive barrier in the rural areas where the specialist care is short. This modern medicine marvel which combines the traditional medicine with latest technology, is increasingly gaining importance for providing clinical care irrespective of economic limitations. It also assists in extending the neurological expertise to the clinic patients when they are unable to visit their providers due to disability concerns. We review various aspects of teleneurology including the delivery modes and teleneurology software. The discussion regarding the teleneurology subspecialties like tele-stroke and tele-epilepsy emphasizes the extent of its impact in the field of neurology. The psychosocial influence is an important feature of teleneurology in today’s world when the care burden for elderly population needs to be equitably distributed across the globe. There is research and education related opportunities that are being explored with telemedicine. The weaknesses of telemedicine could be improvised with enhanced technological proficiency. We discuss the salient attributes of teleneurology and its effects in modern world neurology practice.


teleneurology; stroke; neurology; epilepsy

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