Spontaneous extradural hematoma in a child with sickle cell disease

Engoba Moyen, Judicaël Kambourou, Hugues Brieux Ekouélé-Mbaki, Régis Moyikoua, Lydie Ocini N'Golet, Annie Rachelle Okoko, Gaston Ekouya Bowassa, Jean-Louis Nkoua, Georges Moyen, Caryne Mboutol Mandavo


Neurovascular events are one of the many complications experienced by children with sickle cell disease. Extradural hematoma, a collection of blood formed between the inner surface of the skull and the dura mater, usually secondary to a post-traumatic arterial lesion especially of the middle meningeal artery, may appear spontaneously in the child with sickle cell disease.

We report a case of spontaneous extradural hematoma in a 13-year-old with homozygous sickle cell disease, treated for cerebral malaria and anemia, in whom an MRI was performed indicated for altered consciousness and a motor deficit thus enabling the diagnosis. The evolution was fatal due to an infection one week after the neuro-surgery.


Extradural hematoma, spontaneous, sickle cell disease, child.

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