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Internal Medicine Review

The Internal Medicine Review (IMR) aims to provide a sustainable means of communication for academic and professional physicians worldwide. Each monthly issue includes original research, reviews, and case reports both in print an online formats.

Vol 3, No 2 (2017): Vol.3 Issue 2, February, 2017

Table of Contents

Review Articles

Koji Takahashi
Michael Polgar
Selina R Silva, Paul Johnson, Justin Ocksrider
Adam Klein, Teresa L Danforth
Jan-Willem Groen, Stephania Tuinder, Vera Negenborn, Rene van der Hulst
Pol Specenier
Benny Johansson
Kimino Minagawa, Hiroshi Hasegawa

Research Articles

Faustine Agaba, Daynia Elizabeth Ballot, Peter Alan Cooper

Case Reports

Chi-Man Yip, Shu-Shong Hsu, Wei-Chuan Liao, Szu-Hao Liu, Chih-Hao Chen, Huang-I Hsu
Robyn Murphy, Jeff Matheson, Gordon Ko
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