Postoperative Management of Crohn’s Disease: What Can We Do to Prevent Recurrence?

Adriana Georgiana Olariu, Liliana Bordeianou


Crohn’s disease (CD) is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease with a relapsing, remitting course.  Approximately one in four CD patients requires surgery within five years of diagnosis. Unfortunately, surgery is rarely curative and up to 70% of CD patients experience endoscopic recurrence and 40% have clinical disease recurrence within 18 months after surgery.


This review is aimed at providing internists and gastroenterologists a foundation for the management of patients who underwent ileocecal resection for CD. We provide an overview of the current definitions of postoperative recurrence and prognostic factors for postoperative CD recurrence. As recent studies raised concerns about the value of these factors, we examine the evidence behind the current risk stratification algorithm and pharmacologic treatment recommendations. Lastly, we discuss future directions for research.


crohn's disease postoperative recurrence review

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