The treatment to make home life peaceful

Tetsuya Isobe


Background: Studies have reported that acupuncture using the specific pattern of needle placement is effective in treating the mental symptoms of Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).

Methods: Subjects were 45 patients who received acupuncture using the specific pattern of needle placement. Acupuncture was performed by placing needles at certain combinations of acupuncture points. Needles were inserted only slightly by gently tapping the handle protruding from the guide tube. Patients underwent 6 acupuncture sessions in total, with 1 session taking place each week. Patients’ mental state before menses was assessed using the Stress Response Scale-18 (SRS-18). The SRS-18 was administered before and after treatments. The percentage of subjects whose total score on the SRS-18 decreased to 0.5 points or lower served as the rate of improvement. The percent decrease in a subject’s total score on the SRS-18 after treatment served as the extent of improvement.

Results: The rate of improvement and the extent of improvement in total score on the SRS-18 were 77.8% (35/45), 0.37. The rate of effectiveness and the rate of satisfaction were respectively 91.1% (41/45), 75.6% (34/45). When asked “Is your home life peaceful?”, 51.1% (23/45) answered “ Yes “.

Conclusions: The efficacy for mental symptom of PMS in shallow acupuncture using the specific pattern of needle placement was excellent, and this treatment made home life peaceful.


Premenstrual Syndrome, PMS, Acupuncture, SRS-18

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